20 Days ‘Til Cincy — Marcel Granollers

Marcel Granollers forehand swing

It’s 20 days ’til Cincy and we’ve still got more pics to share with you! What’s this Cincy countdown all about? CLICK HERE to find out!

Watching Marcel Granollers in his opening round match against Fernando Verdasco last year, we here at TennisInsideOut.com learned two things. The first was that Granollers really goes for his shots however he can get them, no matter how gangly or awkward his 6’3 frame might look. This can result in some very not-boring photographs, as you’ll see in this post.

Crazy forehand follow through Western and Southern Open Marcel Granollers pics photos


Marcel Granollers high swinging windshield wiper forehand follow through Cincy pics Verdasco match 2014


Marcel Granollers frog pic stretching crouching backhand crazy shot Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2014

How? How, we wonder, does such a big man suddenly look like a little frog on the court?


Marcel Granollers leaping backhand long legs Cincinnati Masters pics photos

And then like a leaping gazelle? Only Granola knows….

So…what’s the second thing we learned?

Western and Southern Open Marcel Granollers Granola pretty eyes photos

Granollers is really, really handsome in person. With all the goofy shot-making and the weird wailing-cow noises he sometimes makes on the court, it’s easy to forget he is a damn-fine-looking guy. If Val hadn’t seen the Ferru loveliness up close later in the week, she would have boldly declared Granola the prettiest Spaniard in the Armada (*readers gasp in unison*).

Marcel Granollers forehand pretty eyes green white kit Cincinnati

The photos can’t quite do him justice, either, so we highly recommend checking Marcel out for yourself the next time you’re at a tournament. We swear, you’ll be kind of amazed. Especially if ridiculously large, ethereally beautiful eyes and long regal noses are your thing. Which if they aren’t, what’s wrong with you? 😉

Remember, you can click these pics to expand.

Pretty Granollers serve bounce tennis ball

Handsome Marcel Granollers drinking water bottle towel changeover Cincinnati Masters

Fernando Verdasco Marcel Granollers hug at net green kits Cincy 2014

We suppose there’s a third thing we learned, and that was that Granola had really crap luck with the draw, getting his fellow Spaniard so early in the tourney. He lost to the ever-affectionate Nando in a tight race, 7-5 3-6 6-7(5).

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