18 Days ‘Til Cincy — The Ladies Love Fernando Verdasco

Nando grin victory tennis match Cincinnati

It’s 18 days ’til Cincy and we have to give the fangirls some time with Fernando Verdasco. Tall and handsome, with warm eyes, tanned olive skin, and a gorgeous smile, it’s no surprise that Nando is a hit with the ladies. The fact that he’s also the most affectionate Spaniard in the Armada doesn’t hurt either. Women love a smooshy guy, especially when he looks like this. ^^^^^^^^

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Cincinnati Masters tennis Fernando Verdasco forehand winner match point

Verdasco cranked this match-winning forehand against Marcel Granollers to seal a third set tiebreak victory. Every forehand pic we have of Nando is blurry, which is not surprising considering the amount of power and speed he can flatten that little yellow tennis ball with.

Fernando Verdasco waiting at net Granollers match Cincinnati 2014 pics

He waited at net for his Spanish compatriot, and you can see the Granollers Cincy post for their post-match smoosh.


Nando post match interview on Grandstand Cincinnati Western and Southern Open tennis

Nando turned on the charm for the on-court interview…


Fernando Verdasco running fingers through gorgeous thick dark hair photos pics images

…and ran his fingers through all his thick, dark, luscious wavy hair.


Ladies fangirl Fernando Verdasco hot Spanish tennis player pics

Click to expand the pic above and you see just how badly all of the ladies want Nando’s balls…

Fernando Verdasco tongue

…and how much he enjoys the fangirl love.


Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco Cincinnati Masters

“Would you lovely ladies like one of my balls?”


Pretty Nando tennis ball Verdasco grin

“Here it comes!”

Smiling Verdasco hits autographed ball into crowd

Western and Southern Open grinning Fernando Verdasco smile pics

Nando grin and point at crowd tennis ball hit pics

¡Buen trabajo! You got your hands all over it!”


Sweet smile Cincinnati Masters Fernando Verdasco 2014 pics

Hola, chica, that is a very lovely dress, I’d like to see it on my hotel room floor–“


Fernando Verdasco thumbs up Cincinnati Masters

“Oh. You are with your dangerous-looking boyfriend I see. All good, all good, never mind.”


Close up sweaty chest handsome Fernando Verdasco wavy hair hot guys pics photos tennis pictures Cincy

We leave you with an uber close-up of Nando and a hint of sweaty tanned chest….

You’re welcome.


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