17 Days ‘Till Cincy — Serena Williams

Serena Williams big forehand tennis ball yellow headband leopard print kit

It’s 17 days ’til Cincy and we’ve got Serena Williams in purple leopard print. What more do you want? We had the perfect day for taking these photos, too; it’s like Serena was doing a tennis model shoot with all this fantastic interplay of action, sun, and shadow.

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We mentioned in our Sam Stosur Cincy post that these two played quite the epic battle, one that left Serena victorious in two tough TB sets. As you can see in the pics below, the level of play was intense, and we captured some powerful emotion amidst all the big-hitting tennis.

Don’t forget, you can click most pics to expand them for more detail. We’ve refrained from commentary this time, because we feel these pics stand well enough on their own. Let us know what you think!

Cincinnati premier tennis open forehand stance racquet Serena Williams


Western and Southern Open Serena Williams purple leopard print top black skirt Cincy 2014


Serena running backhand strawberry blonde hair


Beautiful pictures sexy Serena Williams purple leopard print flying strawberry blonde hair pics photos CIncy


Sexy Serena ass cheeks backhand slice tennis


Serena lament protest Cincy pics photos


Western and Southern Open tennis 2014 Serena Williams twirl black skirt


Cincinnati premier tennis racquet Serena Williams waiting for tennis balls reflection at baseline


Beautiful Serena Williams backhand slice purple black kit pics images photos


Backhand follow through Cincinnati Premier Serena Williams pics


Serena Williams yell fist pump Cincinnati Premier tennis 2014 Stosur match

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