Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka — US Open Finalists, In Pictures

Victoria Azarenka Western and Southern Open Cincinnati trophy vase flowers royal wave smile grin pictures photos 2013 US Open series
Who will be doing the royal wave with the trophy at the US Open?

Last year at the US Open, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka met in the finals. Serena took home the prize after a 6-2 2-6 7-5 victory. Just last month, the two met again in the finals of the Cincinnati Open, with an eerily similar score of 2-6 6-2 7-6 (6) — this time with Vika as the victor. Now the two are facing each other in the finals once more at the USO, and tennis fans are hoping for another three-set battle between the two most powerful women in today’s game.

What can we expect from the two contenders? First off, powerful serving from Serena.

Serena Williams serve flying airborne hair Cincinnati US Open series photos

Vika will need to do be as consistent with her serve as she is with flipping that braid over her shoulder before the toss.

Victoria Azarenka Vika white outfit Cincinnati US Open series blonde braid serving final

We know there will be strong returning…

Serena Williams skirt flying up twirling return game Cincinnati US Open series blue gray tennis outfit skirt

Vika-Serena-returns-P1011814…sweeping forehands…

Serena Williams stretch forehand set up tennis racquet hair Western and Southern Open Cincy US series pictures

…and powerful backhand winners…

Cincinnati US Open series Vika Victoria Azarenka Belarus leaping backhand long sexy bare legs flying upskirt photos pictures pics

Serena Williams backhand winner racquet flying hair strong legs Cincinnati US Open series USO pictures photos long sleeve shirt sweaty images pics

There will be WTF did I just do? shots…

Cincinnati Open US series Victoria Vika Azarenka white tennis skirt top kit WTF stunned expression error pics

And I accept no responsibility for that! shots…

Serena Williams hands up apology long sexy legs sweaty skirt hot tennis girls Cincinnati US Open series

There will be fistpumps…

Victoria Vika Azarenka fist pump fistpumps white kit racquet tennis photos Cincy US Open series 2013 pics

…and no matter who wins, we know the handshake will occur reallllly close to the umpire’s chair.

Serena Williams Victoria Azarenka meet handshake at net umpire chair Cincinnati US Open series Western and Southern tennis court final

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