Stan the Man Wawrinka — US Open Semifinalist, in Pictures

Stan the Man Stanislas Wawrinka Cincinnati Open Western and Southern Masters US Open 2013 practice backhand slice Yonex racquet racket white shorts sexy photos pics
Stan the Man, being all strong, sweaty, and awesome

Every time Stanislas Wawrinka has an awesome match (which is quite often these days), gets a surge in hits from tennis fans wanting to know more about this savvy Swiss player with the killer backhand. Now that Stan’s beaten defending US Open champ Andy Murray in the Quarters to get to his first Slam semifinal, we decided to add some more goodies to the blog for curious peeps and longtime Stan-lovers alike.

Today on ESPN, tennis legend John McEnroe slathered praise on Stan’s signature shot, the one-handed backhand winner. A guest in the commentary booth, Stan agreed he’s most comfortable with his backhand, which he aims down lines and into corners with a marksman’s precision.

Stan Wawrinka one handed backhand winner red Yonex shirt Cincinnati Masters Open practice 2013 photos pictures hot(*Click* the pics for larger versions.)

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan Vavrinka one hander backhand pass stretch follow through practice Western and Southern Open Cincy tennis hot sweaty picsStan Wawrinka Cincinnati US Open series stretching single handed backhand follow thru white shorts black tennis shoes red Yonex tee racquet hot sweaty photos 2013 semifinalsWhen things get really intense, Stan takes that backhand airborne…

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man flying one handed backhand airborne practice pics Cincinnati US Open Masters Slam semis sweaty sexy hot Stanley picsIn his stint with the commentators today, Stan did add that despite the awesomeness of his backhand, he felt the way to beat the top guys was by being lethal with his forehand.

Stan Wawrinka lining up forehand Cincinnati practice gorgeous hot ass arse bum butt behind backside white shorts pictures photos imagesCincinnati Masters Western and Southern US Open practice semifinals forehand follow through inside out forehand red Yonex T-shirt white shorts black shoes picsWestern and Southern Open Cincinnati sweeping forehand Stan Wawrinka Stanislas sweaty Yonex shirtAll that power and variety on the serve doesn’t hurt either…

Beautiful Stan Wawrinka sexy serve flying stretch reach tennis ball leap photos practice Cincinnati US Open 2013His path to the US Open semis was also made possible by his deft hands at the net…

Stan Wawrinka volley at net hands tennis ball sexy sweaty practice Cincy US Open series picturesWestern and Southern Open US series tennis deft volley chasing tennis ball Stan WawrinkaStan Wawrinka volley photos Yonex racquet good handsWestern and Southern US Open series Stan slice volley backhand pictures semifinals winAnother key component to Stan’s game is his strength, agility, speed, and endurance to run down every ball possible and get it back in play–ideally with enough zip to win the point.

Stan Wawrinka running down ball backhand set up Cincinnati practice hot sexy beautiful ass bottom bum arse butt photosStanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man  Western and Southern US Open series Cincy Masters practice shots racquet sexy sweaty StanleyCincinnati Open Stan Wawrinka lunging crouching running for point forehand winner at net slide tennis photos sweaty sexyWhat else do you need to know about Stan? Well…he has great, tousled-just-right hair…

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man fluffy blonde strawberry spiky bedhead hair sexy hot sunscreen warpaint sweaty practice picsGreat abs…

Stanislas Stan Wawrinka gorgeous abs bare naked tummy stomach shirtless sweaty hot Stanley white shorts treasure trail hairy fuzzy photos

Stan Wawrinka nude naked tummy abs muscles shirtless sweaty wiping white shorts great ass butt curves furry tattoo abdomen ribs treasure trail Cincinnati practice 2013

And other fine attributes…

Stan Wawrinka Stan the Man Western and Southern US Open series serve tennis balls pocket  sexy sweaty beautiful hot ass arse bum butt curves photos pictures…like his warm, crinkly-faced smile…

Stan Wawrinka grin smile crinkly scrunchy face adorable sweaty gorgeous back hot ass beautiful hands tennis ball Cincy practice photos US Open series…and that hint of sass in his sense of humor, play, and even his posture…

Stanislass sass Wawrinka hand on hip pose tennis balls racquets sexy sweaty Stanley photos images pictures Cincinnati US Open series semis
“Bitch please, you know I want every ball you’ve got over there for my serve…”

And his goofy, fun side can really come out when he’s playing doubles with his BFF, the young and good-kind-of-crazy Frenchman Benoit Paire.

Stan Wawrinka Benoit Paire Wawaire doubles Cincinatti Open volleying at net racquets cute boys tennis photos 2013

Stan and Benoit Wawrinka Paire Wawaire doubles chat secrets strategy whispering behind tennis balls covering mouth Cincinatti Open tennis match
“I have no idea what to do next, but just nod and smile like I’ve just given you the best strategy EVER.”

So, there you have it, Stan the Man in pictures. Come on, admit it. You’re not just here because of the awesome tennis. It’s also ’cause he’s just freakin’ adorable.

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man Swiss player number 2 gorgeous smile warpaint sunscreen sweet grin cute boy pictures Western and Southern pretty US Open series

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