26 Days ‘Til Cincy — Shirtless Jack Sock

Shirtless Jack Sock shoulders pecs shapely ass pics blonde photos

Well, hello there, Jack Sock. It’s 26 days ’til Cincy, tennis fans, and you knew we’d have to throw in some sexy shirtless man pics. In this post, you’ll see how this fine young American fared on the practice courts once fellow #Merican Michael Russell ramped things up.

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Jack, well known for his Slam-winning doubles partnership with Vasek Pospisil, seems to bromance easily. His goodnatured fun side was definitely in full effect at this Cincy practice. Though he lost early in singles, his opponent Tommy Robredo also knocked Sam Querrey and World #1 Novak Djokovic out before falling to eventual finalist David Ferrer. Jack fared better in doubles, making it to a final once again with Vashy.

Scroll down for more pics and enjoy Jack’s moves, muscles, bangin’ curves, and adorable goofiness. Not to mention that glowing tennis tan. 😉 Don’t forget, you can click each pic to expand.

tennis backhand swing practice sunny cute shirtless American players nice ass bum naked back muscles

Things started out easy, but then those tennis balls started hitting the court with a lot more pace…

Cincinnati Jack Sock running forehand pale shirtless naked pecs abs arms stretching thighs racquet tennis ball photos pics 2015

Jack Sock shirtless backhand slice Cincy

Western and Southern Open tennis Jack Sock shirtless topless practice naked back muscles hot ass pics photos images

If you ever wonder why some guys have an easier time with court coverage, note the single step stretch above…

Jack Sock American tennis player crazy shot stretching backhand edge of court Cincy practice 2015

We’re not sure what to call that down-on-one-knee move (“The Proposal?”), but he got the ball back…

Western and Southern Open stretching running forehand shirtless half naked pecs ass

So, maybe court coverage isn’t always that easy. Jack takes a little breather…

Cincinnati Masters tennis Jack Sock bent over nice booty ass butt shirtless back muscles abs tennis ball grin photos pics

And we begin again…

Jack Sock shirtless backhand slice Cincinnati practice white shorts sexy muscles

Jack Sock fist pump shirtless pecs abs Cincy tennis racquet practice pics photos 2015

Jack won some points…

Sock Jack moaning complaining funny protest groan shirtless pale American boy abs pecs bulge grab pics photos

….and lamented a few. (Insert “Awww, mannnnn….fuuuuck” here.)

Cincinnati Masters shirtless Jack Sock muscles cute white boy racquet toss practice pics 2015

Let’s face it, It’s not a real tennis practice until someone tosses, throws, juggles, hurls, or kicks a racquet.

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