27 Days ‘Til Cincy — Ana Ivanovic

Western and Southern Open tennis Cincinnati Premier Ana Ivanovic pretty backhand strong arms photos pics images

For today’s countdown treat, we bring you the lovely Ana Ivanovic. It’s very difficult to select photos for an Ana post, because they are pretty much ALL GOOD. No easy eliminations for “Ohh, that was a bad angle” or “Why is she making that face?” Just long, lean lines and strength and gorgeousness.

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The Serbian player had a fantastic time at Cincy last year, battling her way to the final with impressive wins over quality players. While many fans wonder how she can keep pace with opponents when she’s so slender, these pics illustrate that the lady has plenty of muscle to put behind her shots.

Don’t forget, you can click each pic to expand.

Western and Southern Open Ana-P1015454 backhand muscles arms bare naked thighs sexy

Cincy Ana backhand follow-through pretty braid strong shoulder arm muscles pics photos

Ana lining up the forehand hot pink Cincinnati

Cincinnati Premier tennis practice Ana Ivanovic sexy legs muscles stance pink shoes purple shorts

The pic above offers a peek at Ana’s lovely long legs…that seem to be headed in different directions after hitting a shot.

Ana lining up the backhand swing muscled biceps thighs strong tennis pics Cincy

Ana Ivanovic facepalm tired hand to face hot pink kit Cincinnati tennis 2014
Perhaps this is Ana’s reaction to the latest nutball-y thing Boris Becker has said. “Nole, Nole, you’re making us all look bad!”

Ana Ivanovic forehand swing muscular tones arms and legs hot tennis players

Ana Ivanovic fixing hair braid  hot pink purple outfit Cincinnati Premier tennis event photos pics images

There’s always time for a little primping, right? We learned from JJ that a tough tennis practice and girly glamour CAN coexist.

Sexy hot tennis players Ana Ivanovic towel wipe caress beautiful face close-up white visor pink turquoise top Cincinnati Premier WTA pics images photos

On that glamour note, we’ll leave you with a little sensual towel caress from beautiful Ana.

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