28 Days ‘Til Cincy — Tomas Berdych

Tomas Berdych Western and Southern Open Cincinnati white kit hat H&M sweaty arms pics photos images

For our ongoing Cincinnati Masters/Premier Countdown, we bring you very close to Tomas Berdych. Press privileges get us right up front on some courts, but here is an example where fans can get just as close. Val elbowed her way through a throng of people mesmerized by Berdy thighs just to bring you these tasty pics.

What’s this Cincy countdown all about? CLICK HERE to find out!

Practices can get a bit repetitive as players may focus on a particular shot for a lengthy period of time. We tried to bring you as much as variety as possible, so you can check Tomas out from every angle. Hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget, you can click each pic to expand.

Berdych slice backhand shot white kit floral shorts flowered compression pants racquet hat pics Cincinnati Masters practice
Hey look! In honor of his recent wedding, we bring you Tomas in all white with some pretty flowers. 😉

Tomas forehand Cincinnati practice court Berdych  muscular legs ass racquet pics Western and Southern Open bouncing tennis ball practice court Tomas Berdych stretching bent over bare legs Tomas sexy muscles legs calves tennis ball Nike shoes photos Berdych two-handed backhand action shot white tee shirt muscled arms sweatyBerdy Berdman close-up pic white hate tee shirt pretty eyes muscular neck tendons sexy handsome photos

Western and Southern Open Tomas Berdych  sitting on break changeover practice toweling off contemplative serious look
Berdych in thought on a practice break. Possibly contemplating why Stan Wawrinka won a Slam and he didn’t…
Tomas wiping face with towel covered legs spread sexy muscles thighs flowered white blue shorts H&M kit
Oh, the shame of it all…

Berdych butt ass white shorts racquet delicate hands veiny arms Tomas pics Cincy tennis

Considering how tall Berdych is, and the size of his incredibly muscled legs, his hand looks so delicate. Another case of #PrettyTennisHands.

Cincinnati Masters practice court Tomas Berdych backhand shot powerful legs tennis ball

Loved in this pic above how his body is perfectly still and only the racquet is a speedy blur.

Tomas Berdych sexy naked bare tummy freckles abs white shorts shirt sexy pics photos images
We leave you with a flash of Berdy tummy.

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