29 Days ‘Til Cincy — Alizé Cornet

Alize Cornet tennis pretty long legs short shorts forehand swing Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2014 Lacoste red shirt

Alizé Cornet is a talented and very emotional player, with enough jubilation, wails of protest, and crazy meltdowns to make her brand of tennis enormously entertaining. TEH DRAMAZ can be very high during a match, but it’s a bit more subtle and goofy on the practice courts.

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We captured the feisty Frenchwoman early in the tournament, practicing with Bulgaria’s Tsvetana Pironkova. While we only stayed a short while, we got to see a range of emotions from glee to angst to…let’s call it awed confusion.

Cincinnati practice court Alize Cornet fist pump grin happy short shorts booty ponytail pics images photos

Alizé has an extensive collection of skimpy practice wear, and some fans may be disappointed she’s so covered up here. Trust us, she’s still totally hot.

Alize Cornet ass bum booty shorts bare naked thighs red turquoise pics

Alize tucking tennis balls into tennis shorts gorgeous thighs sexy pics Western and Southern Open

Western and Southern Open Jedi tennis Star Wars mind control ball Alize Cornet Cincinnati 2014 photos by Valerie David
Alizé attempts to master her Jedi tennis skills… “This IS the ball you’re looking for….”

We also got a kick out of Alizé’s serve, preserved here for posterity.

Cincinnati WTA Alize beautiful Cornet serve toss naked skin tummy ass butt sexy pics

Alize Cornet looking for serve toss gone lost in sky racquet ponytail funny photos
“Erm…..where did it go? How long should I wait for the ball to come back down?”
Cincinnati Premier tennis leaping serve Cornet Alize short shorts
“Found it!!!!!”

When Alizé smacks down a serve, she gets an extremely intense expression on her face…and then the angst floods back in.

Anguished look panic upset Alize Cornet emotional French player Cincinnati Premier 5 event photos pics images

Don’t worry, Alizé, we’re sure the ball was in!

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