4 Days ‘Til Cincy — Dominic Thiem, Playing from Behind

Western and Southern Open tennis low scooping backhand shot Dominic Thiem racquet

It’s 4 days ’til Cincy and if you know us at all, you know the title of this post is totally a play on words. Though it’s not meant completely to be provocative. It is really about Dominic Thiem’s playing style.

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While most players learn the same basic techniques, we know that they often execute them with a unique style. There’s the distinctive way that Genie Bouchard leaps forward into her shots, or the defensive play where Novak Djokovic makes his body bend in directions that don’t seem humanly possible.

Dom, on the other hand, plays rather often with his ass sticking out. Some of it is related to the one-handed backhand, as you’ll see Stan Wawrinka swinging that booty out and around on court a lot as well. But as you’ll see in the pics below, Dom folds his body up on many shots, and when you’re seated behind the baseline, you’re going to see a lot of Austrian ass.

Of course Val is not complaining at all about this very scientific observation. P.S. Some pics are clickable for bigger versions.

Cincinnati tennis big serve bare naked back hot ass Dominic Thiem Austrian tennis players

The serve landing from both sides…

Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Dominic Thiem service motion landing


Dominic Thiem big backhand arms extended cute ass out


Dominic Thiem cute ass bent down backhand scramble Cincinnati tennis

We could easily photoshop Dom right into a nice chair…

Dominic Thiem running backhand slice ass out sitting down Cincinnati pics


Cincinnati Masters Dominic Thiem hands on hips cute pose bright green shirt

Dom is totally judging us right now.


Dominic Thiem Cincinnati tennis juggling tennis balls lime green shirt Adidas hat pics photos images

Now he’s juggling his balls…


Western and Southern Open lamenting Dominic Thiem  tennis ball in big hands long fingers sexy cute pics Cincinnati 2014

Yes, we know, that was a bad one.


Dominic Thiem cute bum butt ass white shorts green shirt Cincy tennis


Big one handed backhand swing ass out Western and Southern Open Cincinnati 2014 pics photos images


Waiting on return Court 3 Cincinnati Dominic Thiem  cute perky butt pics photos images


Western and Southern Open tennis whipping forehand leaping shot Dominic Thiem


Dominic Thiem lining up backhand Cincy


Dominic Thiem bent over nice ass bare back white shorts Cincinnati photos 2014

And this is the…end….of our post. We rest our case.

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