5 Days ‘Til Cincy — Sloane Stephens

Cincy tennis close up Sloane Stephens pink Under Armor dress

It’s 5 days ’til Cincy, and Sloane Stephens has come a long way, baby. In honor of her first WTA title in DC this weekend, we take a quick peek back at her 3rd round match against Jelena Jankovic at last year’s Cincinnati tourney.

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It was hotter than hell on this day in August, with unrelenting sun that seemed to burn the very air we all in the packed, standing-room-only stadium were trying to breathe. The players struggled mightily, and it was a messy match…quite literally a hot mess in this case. Despite needing a time-out for heat exhaustion, JJ took it in two close sets, 7-6 (4) 6-4.

Sloane Stephens Cincinnati premier 5 Jankovic match 2014 pink dress pics photos


Sloane Stephens volley tennis ball pink dress visor photos images pictures


Cincinnati premier Sloane Stephens volley at net


Sloane Stephens shriek mistake gasp hand to face Cincinnati tennis

That awkward moment when you planned to hit an easy winner and things went horribly awry…….


Western and Southern Open Cincinnati premier tennis pink Under Armor dress racquet forehand swing pink shoes Sloane Stephens pics


Pretty Sloane Stephens upskirt ass black booty shorts pink dress muscles shoulders sexy pics


Jelena Jankovic MTO Sloane Stephens match Cincinnati 2014 pics photos images

Sloane likely asking her coach how on earth she was gonna lose the match to a moaning, crazy woman draped in ice towels.


Sloane Stephens flying forehand Western and Southern Open 2014

We leave you with a nicely framed advertisement for the tourney. The sponsors will love this one.


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