5 Ways Roger Federer May Have Injured His Hip

Roger Federer Tomas Berdych Madrid 2012 final backhand blue clay shirt final airborne pictures images photos screencapsRoger Federer fans were barely getting over their high from the Maestro taking the Madrid Masters title when they learned he might have to skip Rome. Looking out of sorts at the start of the final Sunday, Rog took some anti-inflammatory medication and there were murmurs of a possible hip injury. As if there weren’t enough jokes about Old Man Fed, now he’s got a hip problem? (ETA: Confirmation of hip injury here and here.)

The Swiss tennis star is not always that upfront about his injuries, at least not when there’s a tournament waiting to be played. So all we can do is speculate on the Five Possible Ways the Fed Express Could Have Injured His Hip:

5. Threw off his alignment after repeatedly sitting on his fat wallet.

4. While taking a nap, Rog rolled over a squeaky toy one of the twins left on the hotel room bed. Hilarious…but painful. (Or he stepped on a Lego–those double-prongers always end up right between the toes.)

3. After meeting Will Smith, he tried to get Jiggy Wit’ It.

Will Smith Roger Federer Madrid 2012 tennis final photos Men in Black pictures screencaps


2. Got some dangerous advice about alternate uses for that Madrid trophy…

Roger Federer Madrid 2012 tennis racquets trophy phallic presentation gold pictures images photos screencaps

Madrid 2012 Roger Federer trophy presentation sceptor golden photos images screencaps


1. Had a rough landing after his descent from Mount Olympus.
Roger Federer backhand blue clay Madrid 2012 final Berdych screencaps images photos


Of course, it’s always possible he hurt himself by doing stuff like this:

Roger Federer overhead smash Raonic tennis match Madrid 2012 images screencaps photos picturesWhatever ails King Fed, we wish him a speedy recovery. Feel free to leave your own injury speculation in the comments, but only if it’s funny.

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PHOTOS: Roger Federer, Madrid Open final versus Tomas Berdych, trophy ceremony, and Milos Raonic match screencaps, TennisTV, 2012.

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