BOLD PREDICTIONS! — Top 10 ATP Americans of 2015

Stevie Johnson return Babolat racquet turquoise shorts hot legs Cincinnati Open 2014 Benoit Paire match photos pics images

Every year Ricky Dimon of The Grandstand quizes tennis writers on their predictions for The Top 10 ATP Americans of 2015. When he asked us to contribute, we did our best to make educated guesses. Then we threw darts at names of various American players pinned to a dartboard. Then we gave Ricky what we think is The Truth.

So here it is, who we think will be the Top 10 male American tennis players by the end of 2015:

Bryan Brothers chat behind tennis balls doubles final Cincy
“We’re the only ones that can do anything right.” — “Totally, man, totally.”

1. Bryan Brothers: Aren’t these the only American guys we cheer without reservation? Thanks for not only keeping us in the World Group, guys, but sending your coach to France to help The Fed finally get a Davis Cup win.

Serena Williams hands up apology long sexy legs sweaty skirt hot tennis girls Cincinnati US Open series
“I give up on you guys.”

2. Serena Williams: Do I need to explain? Okay, she’s not ATP, but with the #2 thru #10 men in 2014 ranked 35 through 152, surely she’d have a chance of kicking ass on this list as well as the WTA’s.

Vasek Pospisil running forehand small smile turquoise striped kit racquet raket Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2014
“I will run across the border to save your sorry butts.”

3. Vasek Pospisil: He’s North American, so he’s American. It totally counts.

Juan Martin Del Potro tennis ball yellow shirt white gray plaid shorts pics
“See, this is the ball. You hit it with the racquet.”

4. Juan Martin del Potro: South American. Still counts.

John Isner lining up the big backhand two-handed white shorts blue shirt photos pics Cincy tennis Nole match 20135. Insert obligatory John Isner choice here: Of course, he’s got Gimelstob as coach now, so that should at least guarantee him a ranking of #92, which would still keep him quite high on a list of U.S. dudes.

Sock Pospisil trophies grins Wimby 20146. Jack Sock: Only if he’s partnered with Vashy.

Shirtless Christian Harrison playing left handed cast on right wrist Baby Harry Little photos nice pecs pics photo by Ryan
“I can beat you all left-handed, and look damn good doing it. Also, I know something you don’t know. I….am not left-handed.”

7. Christian Harrison: Sure, he had four surgeries last year and has barely gotten back onto the court for practice, but I still trust his tennis more than the rest of these yahoos.

Mardy Fish smile KSwiss shirt tennis Cincinnati Open photos pictures images racquet

8. Mardy Fish: He hasn’t o-fish-ally retired yet, right??? (UPDATE: HE’S COMING BACK, Y’ALL.)

9. Donald Young: Only if he keeps his hat straight.

10. Wells Fargo Buchanan. Erm, I mean Chase. Or is it Bank of #Merica?

Alternates: Less beardy Smee, Tommy “Hollywood” Haas (as American as Sharapova, let’s be real), and RyRy Harrison (as long as he’s not CRy CRy Harrison). Is it wrong that at least four of the guys I’ve selected aren’t currently playing? I kid because I care, American dudes. I would love our guys to do better and put us back on the map in tennis land.

It’s time for Kudla to make a move; the bout of mono killed a promising summer in 2014 and I’m hoping 2015 will bring better luck. I expect the top ten will retain most of the same names, though shifts within are inevitable. Johnson could shift up to the top. Sock could drop down because of his early season hip surgery. Chase was 26-24 on the challenger circuit in 2014, which wasn’t exactly compelling, but since Krajicek is 31-20 it wouldn’t take much of a leap for Chase to jump into the Top 10.

Ryan Harrison leaping backhand swing nice round ass bubble butt arse white shorts Ferrer match Cincinnati Western and Southern Open 2013 pics images photos

And Big Harry, I just can’t quit you. A guy who was #43 just two years ago can surely get his finely-shaped behind back on this list. C’mon #Merica, make me proud in 2015!

Also, find out why Ricky thinks Bradley Cooper should be on this list…

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One thought on “BOLD PREDICTIONS! — Top 10 ATP Americans of 2015

  1. Good stuff! I’m willing Ryan Harrison to pick himself up by his bootstraps and kick some ass this year. I’d like to throw Tim Smyczek into this list, too.

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