Grigor Dimitrov and Lucas Pouille — Who Wore It Best?

Nike turquoise polo shirt sweater vest look Grigor Dimitrov Lucas Pouille Monte Carlo 2015

We had fun on Tennis Inside Out with a Fedal fashion face-off, so we thought it’d be fun to bring this one back for another round. Here we have Grigor Dimitrov and Lucas Pouille at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters in 2015, sporting the same Nike kit on the same day of matches. The polos vary in color, though both feature a fairly bright teal.

The Bulgarian and the Frenchman are both young, fit, and ridiculously handsome, so it’s tough for them to look bad in anything. But sportswear companies don’t always highlight a player’s best features, so let’s see how the Nike line works for these two guys.

Grisha mops brow tough match turquoise teal navy blue kit photos pics images
“Is it hot out here or is it just me…and my sexy Nike outfit?”

Grigor gets a nice color balance here. The contrast navy sleeves, wristband, and collar match the teal-pinstriped shorts, and the punch of orange color is hinted at in one sleeve and the shoes. It’s a fun, preppy pseudo-sweater-vest look that suits Grigor’s personal style well.

Lucas Pouille white teal Nike polo navy shorts pics photos images Monte Carlo 2015
“Just waiting here, holding my balls while you ogle me my outfit….”

Lucas gets more of a delineated color scheme. The navy shorts serve more as a neutral to the white and teal, with just that banded sleeve tying the two pieces together. Lucas works the teal hard with matching cap, wristband, and shoe accents. While Grigor’s ensemble is a bit more dynamic, Lucas is wearing the version that complements his fairer hair.

The clingy fabric is cut close enough to highlight the guys’ pecs, which is pretty impressive considering the tennis player physique is usually more about the muscled, agile limbs.

Lucas Pouille Monte Carlo nice pecs white teal polo Nike serve tennis balls
“You’re still looking at me, aren’t you?”
Grigor signaling ball is good palm down hand out clay courts 2015 Monte Carlo screencap picture photo pics
Grigor, looking good clad in figure-flattering teal and “hey, that ball was in” sportsmanship.

For me, Lucas gets points deductions for hiding his pretty face with a scraggly beard. The cap shields his face further, but we can’t fault sunburn and glare protection. Also, his silky hair sticks out of the back in a rather cute fashion…

Lucas Pouille cute hair turquoise cap hat tennis Monte CarloLucas Pouille sexy shoulders cute blonde hair tennis player pics photos images The cut and color blocking of the polo also highlights the back and shoulders nicely on both guys…

Grigor Dimitrov Grisha sexy back teal navy blue kit white socks  tennis shoes shoulders

…but I think it gives Grigor the advantage with more of an appealing V-shape. That said, the straight-legged shorts hug Lucas’ curves much better.

Lucas Pouille nice ass serve toss teal blue yellow tennis ball Monte Carlo Masters tennis

Lucas Pouille sexy bum arse service motion

It also appears the Frenchie might be doubling up on his socks as well, but it’s more streamlined looking than the high-low effect Grigor prefers.

To help you decide, you can also see how well this Nike kit looks when poised and ready to return a blistering serve….

Dimitrov return of serve

…when hitting a sublime volley….

WWIB MC 2015 Pookie volley

…and when roaring and fist-pumping in victory…

Grigor Dimitrov roar fist pump victory Fernando Verdasco match Monte Carlo Masters 1000 pics images clay photos

This outfit is a winner over all, which has been a rarer occurrence for Nike of late. I’m inclined to give a slight edge to Grigor in this match-up, just because the style and cut of the polo in particular seem to suit him better.

So who do you think wore it best, tennis fashion fans?

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4 thoughts on “Grigor Dimitrov and Lucas Pouille — Who Wore It Best?

  1. I love your posts. I like both kits and yes, I give the edge to Grigor as well. I really do like the cap that Lucas wore. Keep posting!

    1. Thank you so much! I have a couple of the Rafa versions of that Nike cap so I like it as well. 🙂

      We’re going to be celebrating Tennis Inside Out’s 3 year anniversary very soon, so there should be a heap of new posts coming. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Those shorts really do complement Lucas’s derriere but overall I have to give it to Grigor. Fit is on point, the style works very well for him, and I like the deep navy color with the mix of a couple color pops more.

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