If Chuck Norris Played Professional Tennis…

Chuck Norris Bruce Lee fight dragon finger wag screencaps pictures photos imagesThe Original Finger Wag.
(And you thought Fed was hairy.)

Novak Djokovic kept his trademark sense of humor when discussing the Great Blue Clay Incident of Madrid 2012, telling reporters: “To me that’s not tennis. Either I come out with football shoes or I invite Chuck Norris to advise me how to play on this court.”

This got us thinking. Nole is actually very lucky his “Expendables 2” buddy hasn’t taken up the racquet. Because If Chuck Norris Played Professional Tennis…

Chuck Norris knock down Bruce Lee fight Dragon screencaps images photos pictures* Roger Federer wouldn’t be the master at Wimbledon because everybody’s ass is grass to Chuck Norris.

* Rafa Nadal wouldn’t be the clay court king because all opponents will be taking a dirt nap after Chuck Norris is done with them.

* Chuck Norris would have to serve underhand… because overhead would crack the court.

* When playing Chuck Norris, you’ll be the only one getting served.

Chuck Norris punch Bruce Lee* When Chuck Norris hits a slice, somebody loses a limb.

* Chuck Norris could only use a one-handed backhand… because two would knock the Earth off its axis.

* Forget the shirt changes. Opponents will have to keep changing their shorts during a Chuck Norris match.

Chuck Norris big guns pictures photos(And you thought Rafa had big guns…)

* When Chuck Norris executes a perfect drop shot, you won’t be getting back up.

* Hell with Pete Sampras’ record–Chuck Norris will always be number one.


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PHOTOS: Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, “The Way of the Dragon” screencaps, c1972 Concord, Golden Harvest; Chuck Norris publicity photo, chucknorris.com.

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