Top 10 Reasons Novak Djokovic Would Retire from a Match

Djokovic 2.0 isn’t nearly as fragile as he seemed in previous years, back when Andy Roddick teased him about having bird flu, anthrax, and SARS. But even in his glorious 2011, full of dominant victories and win streaks, those pesky MTOs and retirements still surfaced. Whether he’s a hypochondriac, or as Roddick says, “the most courageous guy of all time” is for you to decide. Here are:

The Top 10 Reasons Novak Djokovic Would Retire from a Match

10. Someone stole my egg.

9. I’m just here for the appearance fee.

8. I have sympathy pains for Soderling.

7. The crust on the pizza I had for lunch was not, in fact, gluten-free.

6. It’s the Year of the Dragon and I’m a Rabbit.

5. My shorts are so tight my balls keep falling out.

4. Rafa hasn’t retired in awhile, so someone had to.

3. I want to win so badly, I accidentally ripped my body in half. (See photo above.)

2. Nobody likes me anyways…

US Open 2011 Djokovic pout semis Fed match pointAnd, the number one reason why Novak Djokovic would retire from a match?

1. I didn’t think I could win.


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PHOTOS: Screencap of Novak Djokovic injured during Davis Cup match, Serbia v. Argentina, September 2011.

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