We’re Judging You: Top 10 Thoughts on the Winnetka Challenger Clock

Winnetka challenger hilarious small clock tennis championships photos
Looks like your average, everyday clock, but….

J.D. has a habit of noticing little details that others might miss, and one of the things that struck him at the Winnetka challenger event was the clock on the wall. Sure, as seen above, it looks like just an ordinary, utilitarian clock. But it’s important to add perspective…

Funny tiny clock Winnetka challenger Nielsen Pro Championships July 2014 King Sarmiento
Can you still see it? Click the pic for a larger version if you need help.

Seeing a clock like that, we had several thoughts, like we do. So of course we had to share them:

Top 10 Thoughts on the Winnetka Challenger Clock:

10. Marty McFly would never get home using this sad excuse for a clock.

9. We thought Stan playing doubles behind the loo was bad…

8. It’s a clock and a drug test all in one…if you CAN read this clock, you’re clearly on performance-enhancing drugs. Or you’re from the planet Krypton.

Superman X-ray vision flipped

7. This clock was NOT sponsored by Rolex.

6. Maybe it’s forced perspective, like in Lord of the Rings! It’s a Hobbit clock!

forced perspective Frodo Gandalf LOTR combined

5. Challenger players don’t need to see what time it is…where exactly do you need to be after this, anyway?

4. What, was the tournament hourglass broken?

3. The Winnetka challenger clock: Making 250s everywhere feel smug…

Look, Delray Beach has a cool clock AND Elisabeth Shue!


2. Flavor Flav wouldn’t even be seen wearing a clock that small.
flavor-flav-300x300-2009-01-26 edited

And the Number One Thought we had about the Winnetka Challenger clock?

1. Jack Sock wouldn’t put up with this shit.

That’s why last year’s winner hung out at Wimbledon instead, winning doubles with Vasek Pospisil.

Jack Sock Vasek Pospisil American Canadian tennis doubles Wimby trophy win

And you can totally see that clock from the court…

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