7 Reasons Roger Federer Was So Angry in Roland Garros Round 2

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Roger Federer won his second round match against Marcel Granollers, 6-2, 7-6(1), 6-3. Despite the straight sets victory, the Swiss player seemed fairly irritable throughout the match, letting loose some uncharacteristic anger in his native tongue on more than one occasion. Even Paul Annacone, Fed’s former coach and current commentator for Tennis Channel, seemed bewildered at the normally calm Maestro’s demeanor.

Annacone noted that, while Rog had made some errors at “inopportune moments,” the rest of his play had been at an impressively high level. He wondered what Mr. Crabby Pants would have to offer as explanation for his fits of temper. Fans wondered the same thing.

We here at Tennis Inside Out can offer you some possible explanations. With our deep knowledge of tennis, bad moods, and his Royal Fedness, we suggest:

7 Reasons Roger Federer Was So Angry in Roland Garros Round 2

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7. He saw that most betting odds for winning Roland Garros had him equal with Nishikori, and in this case, as Swiss No. 2.



6. He felt a certain level of discomfort in sensitive areas, and couldn’t quite tell if he’d put his party shorts on backwards or not.  

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“I hate when that happens.”


Roger Federer changing racquet racket new Roland Garros clay tennis5. Pascal lied about new balls and so Fed totally screwed up when he changed his racquet. He has a system, you know.


Roger Federer hands on hips annoyed with errors Marcel Granollers match RG15 pics
“No fucking way, asshole.”

4. He heard Gimelstob is still ranting that Rafa should have been seeded No. 2 at the French Open.



3. People have been talking more about Nick Kyrgios’ high top fade than the luscious Fed!curls. Seriously, it’s enough to make a grown man cry.


Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction screencap
“Das macht mi halb wahnsinnig. SCHEISSE!”

2. Rog wasn’t actually angry, he was just practicing his Swiss German dubbing for the next Tarantino film…


And the Number One Reason Fed Seemed So Angry for His French Open Round 2? Roger Federer pink purple blue coral peach orange violet outfit kit Roland Garros French Open 2015 pictures outfit photos polo shorts party pants images 1. He got into fight with Mirka about whether his outfit was purple and hot pink or blue and coral.

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