Switzerland: The 2014 Davis Cup Journey, Italy — The Angry Eyes Have It

Fed was back for more on Day 2, supporting Stan and Marco Chiudinelli in the doubles against Fognini and Bolelli.

Roger Federer Michael Lammer cheering supporting Wawrinka Chiudinelli DC

Bolelli proved to be a formidable challenge once again, and though the Swiss duo fought hard, they got broken at the end of the first set. 7-5 Italy.

Stan and Marco didn’t let it get them down. They fired themselves up, fired some aces, Fabio kicked his racquet in frustration, and the Swiss had Set 2 at 6-3.

After the relative calmness of the previous day’s matches, the doubles had a bit more drama going on…

The tennis was fast and ruthless, and things were looking good for the Swiss…

The Italians rallied in the fourth set, storming back for a 6-3 win. The 5th set started well for Marco and Stan, but then the struggle became intense…

The Swiss boys fought hard, but a few crucial errors cost them, and it was GSM Italy, 6-2 in the 5th.

Some fans criticized the decision to not play Fed, but it turned out it was the Maestro’s own choice.

Being up 2-0, and a Fedrinka doubles by no means a guaranteed win, it seemed a fair risk to let Marco and Stan have a go of it. Plus we’re guessing that Rog wanted his friend Marco to get in on some more of the Davis Cup glory. After Marco gave everything he had with Stan in the doubles, it was a shame he couldn’t nab the win.


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  1. Thanks for this times elebenty! Can’t stop grinning at all the bromancey pics and your sly commentary. <3 <3 <3

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