Switzerland: The 2014 Davis Cup Journey, Italy — The Angry Eyes Have It

As the tie went into Day 3, Fed got the chance to play the Hero for Switzerland. The story of his 6-2, 6-3, 7-6(4) victory can be summed up in a handful of pictures…


Roger Federer Severin Luthi hug Italy victory pics Stan and Seve decided to take Rog for a victory lap, as you can see in the vids below…

Seve Stan carry Roger

The team then tried to bestow this honor upon Stan, but he was a slippery little minx…

Stan runs away from team joking hurt back DC italy Swiss 2014 pics

Stan and Seve managed to have a few intimate moments, however…

Swiss team celebrates victory over Italy 2014

And everyone was very very very happy!

Davis Cup Swiss Team wins celebration Davis Cup Team Swiss flag pics photos Geneva 2014 Italy

Oh, and by the way…the #Fedrinka bromance still burned bright…

Rog gives Stan a shoulder massage rubs neck Davis Cup Swiss win 2014

Next stop, FRANCE!

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One thought on “Switzerland: The 2014 Davis Cup Journey, Italy — The Angry Eyes Have It

  1. Thanks for this times elebenty! Can’t stop grinning at all the bromancey pics and your sly commentary. <3 <3 <3

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